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"These San Jose movers were fantastic moving us to our newly purchased home in Atherton CA. They were ontime and very careful moving our furniture making our moving from San Jose as painless as possible. They stuck to their "no hidden fee rates" and didn't hit us with any last minute additional moving charges. A close friend just used these movers and had the same great local moving experience."

-- Lucas, Dec 29, 2010, San Jose

"Great Local Movers.Used these movers for moving from San Jose Ca to Santa Clara a few weeks ago. Our 3 movers showed up ontime and worked their little fannys off! They were really great and never complained about all the stairs involved at our 3rd floor apartment in San Jose. Importantly, their pricing was straight forward with out any last minute hidden fee surprises we've been hit with in the past with another local mover we used.....and the reason we searched for another local moving companyne else this time. Glad we ended up choosing these movers. Overall, they get a 5 star rating on the job they did for us."

Tyler, Nov 10, 2010, San Jose

Saving time and money! What was quoted at 3 hours took only 1.5 hours! I highly suggest to make sure you're packed and ready to go to save on time and money. All my boxes were taped and labeled while bigger items were easily accessible to grab and to bring down. Thank you!"

Julia, Aug 26, 2010, San Jose

"Thank you.I had a really positive experience with this company. They moved me in quick and efficient manner and had everything wrapped professionally. I would tell others to use this service. Thank you."

Eva, Jul 20, 2010, San Jose

"Smooth move! The service provided by this moving company was exceptional and I would recommend it to everyone! They exceeded my expectation with their timely, courteous and friendly service. They helped to make the move as smooth as possible."

Ruby, Jul 5, 2010, San Jose

"Very helpful and professional. Extremely satisfied with the service I got. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends. They were very helpful and professional."

Max, Jul 1, 2010, San Jose

"An excellent moving company!An excellent moving company! They were prompt and friendly. Nothing was damaged or broken in the move. They were very friendly to chat with. I would recommend them to anyone."

Isla, Jul 1, 2010, San Jose

"Thanks for helping to make our move pain-free.Thanks for helping to make our move pain-free. The entire crew was great. They showed up on time, were very friendly, efficient and careful with all of our stuff. Thanks again!"

Nora, Jun 19, 2010, San Jose

"Perfect job!They did a perfect job! Arrived on time and offered with any help I needed. I would recommend and definitely use again. They are friendly and very professional and careful with my belongings"

Levi, Jun 18, 2010, San Jose

"Thank you for superb service.Our move was stress-free and the men working were excellent in every way. We appreciated how professionally they worked. Thank you for superb service. We will recommend you without hesitation."

Andrew, Jun 18, 2010, San Jose

"Happy customer!I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with my move. I have moved a lot in the past few years and used several different moving companies but I can honestly say that you are the first moving company that I would wholeheartedly recommend."

Ben, Jun 17, 2010, San Jose

"I absolutely LOVE Royal Movers! I'm a single mom of four girls and it's pretty much impossible to get things done - much less moving all of our stuff from Trinity all the way to Alpine. A friend referred me to Royal Movers, so I decided that they were probably going to be a good moving company since she was happy with their service. I'm glad that I chose them to move my things because they did a wonderful job. There were no complaints from the movers even though we have a lot of large furniture (my girls have to have their bunk-beds!) and we were moving pretty far away. They were very quick and all our things arrived how they were when they were at my old home. Highly recommend Royal Movers! Great company and great service."

Sophia Clark, San Jose

"The Royal Movers Corporation is superb. They are fast, sincere and they mean business. They are very careful with the furnitures and you get your money's worth. I will be recommending all of my family and friends to royal movers corporation. Thanks so much for your great job!!"

Melissa lauren, San Jose

"My Experience been nothing short of amazing with Royal Movers Corporation. I heard about them from a friend so I decided to give them a shot! My family and I will defintely use them in the future. We were just moving into our new apartment and we worried about finding a Movers company that will assist us for a GREAT PRICE and GREAT SERVICE. They had this one guy who was really strong lol. He pretty much took my couch by himself! Royal Movers Corp is defintely on speed dial! Top notch customer service and friendly staff as well. Highly Recommended"

Dayvon Goddard, San Jose

"A few months ago, we decided to buy a new house closer to my office. After weeks of survey, we finally found a house of our liking and bought it. After days of renovations, it was time for us to move into the new house. I had reservations on using movers for moving the house, but it was a necessity as we had to shift the whole house including heavy furniture and appliances. We decided to acquire the services of Royal Movers Corporation after recommendation from a friend. I must say I wasn't disappointed. As it was my first moving experience, I was underestimating the problems associated with shifting. It uses a lot of energy, resources and time to move everything to a new location. Royal Movers helped me a lot and made sure we had a smooth sailing to our new home. They did the complete planning and worked efficiently afterwards. Their effective planning and quick work saved our time and made this huge move quite easy for my family. They did most of the packing themselves and were quite professional in categorizing and organizing the packed items. After all the packing, they started the process of loading the furniture, appliances and other household goods in their trucks. They did it quite swiftly and made sure that the process didn't cause any damage to any item. Their loading team was experienced and professional in their job and knew exactly what they were doing. Moreover, whole team was very friendly and respectable and we felt very comfortable with them in our house. They kept the things in a manner that minimized any possible damage or breakage during the journey. The process of transport was also swift and went without any trouble. After unloading everything from their vehicle, they helped us in unpacking and setting everything in our new house. It was a huge help as it saved our time and energy. Royal Movers' teamwork and professionalism was quite commendable. They were experienced and showed no sign of confusion at any time. They took good care of our household items and completed the whole process without any damage or loss. If you are about to shift to a new house, I would highly recommend you to hire Royal Movers. They will save you from the crazy process of moving hundreds of items. Moving can be time consuming process and can suck energy out of you. Spend few bucks and get professional and reliable services of Royal Movers, trust me they're worth it !!!"

Laura Halbert, San Jose

"Moving with this company was a welcome experience. I can say that because Royal Movers 's crew, the sales staff right down to the guy that did all the lifting was so friendly and helpful. I would call this company again for my next move. Recommended."

Ilene Stewert, San Jose